Life& Executive Coaching

Supervision and workshops

I would like to recommend my services in the field of leading workshops, training and coaching seminars.

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of leading over 500 hours of seminars, workshops, supervisions and training regarding coaching and mentoring, and more than 2,000 hours of training and workshops on such topics as managerial skills, soft skills, sales and building self-image.

Experience I have gained over the years allows me to offer:

  • Individual tutoring - teaching coaching 1 to 1 (teacher – student).
  • Training in the field of coaching for managers.
  • Training and coaching workshops for coaches and internal trainers.
  • Workshops on coaching tools,
  • Individual supervisions, as well as supervision workshops for groups of coaches.
  • Group coaching sessions by means of blind coaching.
  • Seminars and lectures on all aspects of coaching and its development over the world.
  • Independent expert consultation concerning implementation of coaching solutions in Your organization.
  • Training and workshops on managerial competence, soft skills, marketing and image building.

Feel free to contact me by phone +48 504 000 144 or e-mail at