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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a broad area covering coaching processes referring to all aspects of human life, such as:

  • health,
  • love,
  • development,
  • friendship,
  • spirituality,
  • career,
  • financial stability,
  • diet,
  • retirement, etc., etc.

From this area emerged specializations in executive coaching and career coaching, which deal with very specific topics or are dedicated to a certain social group. Life coaching is a general concept; within it we may work on any topic, goal, dream, problem or issue you would like to talk about.

Coaching process starts with a casual talk (usually by phone or Skype), when you can get to know me, ask about things you are not sure about. I, in turn, can tell you about coaching, its rules and offer you terms and conditions of our way forward. After this meeting, which I call “the zero session”, we usually work in two modes.

  • Interventionist/crisis – where we will deal with the most urgents issue that bothers you,
  • process – in which we start from a long session, where we discover all your values, prioritize them and we look into everything, what is important for you in your life. We look at your present state and define the level you would like to be on in a long term in given areas of your life. We may deal with the areas one after the other or you may choose only the ones you consider the most important. In every single moment of the process it’s up to you what do we work on.

Remember! You make the agenda, you decide about the coaching topic and what you will do between our sessions with what you have learnt. I will accompany you and keep an eye on you keeping the path you have chosen as long as you care about reaching your goal.

The other coaching sessions take about 1-2 hours. At the beginning of the process we meet once a week, then, in the second, third month we reduce the frequency of our meetings. According to the research, an average person remains in coaching from 3 months to 3 years. On average it is 6 months. My job, as a coach, is not to make people addicted to me, but to support the coachees (the people undergoing the process of coaching) and teach them how to deal with everyday difficulties on their own and keep on working on their new goals and dreams.

I work both during face to face meetings, and through Skype, which provides much better logistic possibilities and makes coaching possible no matter where the coach and coachee are and gives pretty much the same results.

When it comes to money, I have a rule that the coaching session fee should be significant for the coachees, however it should be affordable enough to allow them to have 4 two hours session in the initial months. I believe it is the right approach and I stick to it in most cases, keeping in mind, of course, some kind of minimum resulting from my time limits and my experience as a coach.

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