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Approach to managers in organizations has changed a lot over the last few years. The organizations want their perfectly skilled and well-paid managers to be at work “here and now”. Always in top form. Employers take care of ensuring physical activity, health care, together with payment they also give tools which provide keeping the work-life balance. All of these, if neglected, may lower the manager’s efficiency. A process, which supports balance between all these areas is being introduced in plenty of companies all over the world; this process also takes care of a manager’s emotional sphere and helps him/her to reach the goals and lift motivation. The process is called Executive Coaching. Through Executive Coaching we are able to strengthen particular leadership skills and effectiveness on every level of an organization. That’s why Executive Coaching is the fastest growing area of coaching the world.

The second, as for its development, area of coaching, are small and medium-sized enterprises. The owners and managers from the SMEs sector belong to the group, which more and more often uses proven efficiency of coaching processes. That is the group of companies, which build the world economy and which face the biggest challenges. A company owner is often its president, s/he has built the organization from scratch and has no support, as a person perceived and building their image as a tough and infallible. That’s why it’s difficult for them to lean on their subordinates or family and to discover their goals, ambitions and nurturing problems. To lift a company to another level, for example from 5 to 10 million revenue, or from 20 to 30 million revenue, you have to completely change the way of thinking, systems, procedures. In fact, it’s building the company one more time. On this road the owners and SMEs managers are, in most cases, alone. At this point, they can count on the support given by the executive coach.

Executive coaching combines work on business area with work on personal life. Usually on the 2nd or 3rd coaching session we start working together on areas concerning personal life.

Within the process of Executive coaching I offer you the possibility of using services of the most qualified coaches in Poland and in the world, with international coaching accreditation ICF an IIC&M, with a few hundred to a few thousand hours of coaching sessions conducted in different languages (Polish, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish). Each of the coaches has extensive business experience, which allows more effective work and understanding for relationships and business procedures on which we work during coaching. On your request I can propose you a few professional profiles coaches profiles and arrange a meeting, where you will be able to decide on the selection of the right person.

Apart from classic coaching work (a few – a dozen or so sessions) conducted on individual meetings, we can offer – in order to get better results – optionally:

  • Joint session – workshop etudes – during which the participants, members of the top management of a company, will work to improve the cooperation skills through joint problem solving (eg. case studies, mastermind methodology,etc.)and to eliminate potential barriers that could affect the performance efficiency, eg. after every two individual sessions
  • Participant observation – a coach takes part in a chosen meeting of top management memebers with their colleagues/ subordinates – observation of management styles, communications methods, performance efficiency,etc.
  • Executive feedback – an element separated from coaching session; providing feedback on performance/ changes in attitude/effects/barriers etc.
  • Inspiring reading – excerpts from books, articles, case studies

In addition, throughout the process, the participants are free to contact us by phone or e-mail the coach. It is especially important between particular sessions, when real problems arise and it’s time to confront them. We usually recommend about 8 coaching sessions (individual; for every person). During the process its amount can be changed - there can be more or less sessions. Every session lasts about 90 minutes and takes place once every 4-6 weeks, in the course of which the expected change happens and when tasks appointed together by the manager and the coach are being done. Below you will find the main advantages of our approach:

  • Due to its form, very efficient and cost-effective performance.
  • It can be used precisely in the place of the biggest need. Unlike training, it mitigates the risk of unadjustedness of any of the participants.
  • It is a way of continuation and development of the effects of trainings and workshops. It allows you put into practice your own thoughts.
  • It is a way of increasing the competence at the workplace.
  • It strengthens a person, and the whole organization as well.
  • Allows you to discover not known yet and unused skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • It is run in such way so it would not interfere with everyday duties.
  • It allows the participants to work out the work-life balance.
  • Eliminates problems – distractors appearing in private life.
  • It helps to achieve goals, giving the sense of accomplishment and space to work efficiently, of being “here and now”.

There can be a lot of goals we want to achieve using coaching. Some of the most often identified areas are presented below:

  • Very difficult and complex tasks/projects and dealing with related fears and limits.
  • Making better decisions.
  • Elimination of unwanted behaviours and replacing them with others.
  • Change in relationships with people.
  • Increase of effectiveness and performance efficiency.
  • Work on competencies identified by the organization and by the coachee.
  • Stimulating creativity.
  • Strictly personal matters.

The project begins with three meetings (in case of corporations):

  • With the coaching sponsor from the organization.
  • With the person starting coaching.
  • With both sides on a trilateral meeting.

In the course of these meetings we analyze and set collective (organizational) and personal goals, as well as principles of cooperation and the process begins.

The final solution may be different from the one presented above, depending on the needs.

Thanks to coaching processes we had opportunity to support managers from such organization as: Clarks, GlaxoSmithKline, Exatel, Siemens, PLL LOT, Ericsson, Doka, PZU, Prime Minister Chancellery, NBP, Amplico and many private enterpreneurs.

In order to make an appointment for the first, free meeting, where we will chave the chance to get to meet and know each other, I invite to contact me by phone: +48 512.997.718 or e-mail address:

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