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Career coaching

Career coaching is a special form of individual coaching, where we work on Your goals regarding Job and Carter. How and where would You like to live? What would You like to do? Where and as who would you like to work? A lot of people choose their present job because they feel forced to choose it, they don’t really think what would they really like to do, or they think too much and do too little towards their dream job.

During the process of career coaching, which I offer, we will verify Your personal predispositions by means of a psychological test. We will explore Your expectations towards the job, precisely analyze all available possibilities, determine the next steps You should take to begin the process of changing the job or starting it.

Over the coaching sessions You will have the opportunity to consider all the pros and cons, conscious and unconscious assets, to have a look at strengths and weaknesses of particular solutions. I will accompany You with creating Your plan of action and strategy, as well as with its implementing.

During the process of career coaching I offer my experience in process of looking for job and recruitment, which I have conducted. I support coaching with mentor and feedback sessions, where we work on Your CV, prepare professional profiles on business social networks, do whatever it takes to make You more noticeable for people looking for employees, and Your CV to stand out from hundreds of others.

Career coaching usually takes about three to four 2-hours sessions; in between we also meet on mentoring and feedback sessions.

In order to make the first, free appointment, where we will have the opportunity to meet each other and talk, please contact me by phone +48 512.997.718 or by e-mail